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Life is like a fog, right?

By Sicebise Msengana

Pic: Mine

Some experiences and some events in life simply suck! Suffering is not fun at all. Broken dreams, failed relationships, health problems, job losses...things that make it hard for us to get up in the morning. Would you smile if you lost all your children and not be bothered? If you lost all of your property would you keep smiling? Is it easy to go through terrible pain and be positive? How can it be easy to lose someone you love to a chronic illness or get dumped by someone who meant the world to you and still be calm?

Life is like a fog, right? At times everything doesn't make sense. From one crisis to another, you slowly get the feeling that you're like a pin ball machine. Facing pain and suffering is not easy for even the greatest human beings. It was no laughing matter when Nelson Mandela served 27 years in prison. Anyone can crack under pressure. With this in mind, we are mere mortal beings. And we go through pain one way or the other. We cannot imagine the inner turmoil felt by someone who lost a loved one, a co-worker, a best friend. Be it emotional, spiritual, physical pain--the question why bad

Enough is enough

By Sicebise Msengana

I watch the killing that is going on around the world and ask myself why?
If love is such a beautiful thing but why is there so much bigotry, hate in the world? How can someone be so confused that they're willing to kill an innocent unborn baby and feel absolutely nothing? How can someone be so indifferent that they can kill another person over their beliefs? How can we have people filled with so much hate in their hearts that they can't treat another human being with dignity and respect?

There are no definite answers to these questions and the horrors that we witness each day. But we are responsible for the chaos and the wrongdoing in the world. No one is truly a "saint.'' The world is full of people hell bent on doing what suits their selfish desires. The problem is, rejecting God and refusing to follow the RIGHT PATH  we have made a mess of things. We all acted like ''kings'' with little regard for the ''peasants'' with our crowns; the result is misery. The suffering, casual disregard of human life, injustices that we witness around the world is our fault. The world was created good, but due to our recklessness we have competed with each other and turned everything upside down.

Human Worth

By Sicebise Msengana


I, often get saddened by the casual disregard of human life. In the world we living in is discriminatory, selfish and unkind to those who don't these attributes seen as worthy.
Maybe you've looked yourself in the mirror and wished you were someone else? A famous person? a rich person? The sad truth is the values in which human worth depends in the Western cultures that are based on the images of perfection and glamour as marketed by the entertainment industry and the materialistic culture in general. They set a ''pie in the sky'' standard of excellence for many individuals. What about those who don't measure up? If the most talented, handsome, and beautiful people in the world often feel inadequate and insecure, what the individual who only lacks a measure of physical beauty but also performs badly in school and faces other attacks of personal worth?

Where did it all started? Some are born with more money, have greater talents, built stronger, have more opportunities and even more smarter than others. Long before we had democratic governments, humans have surrendered their power to the monarchies (and nobles) in exchange for protection. As a result, we reserved extra ''star treatment'' for certain individuals. Recent developments in science, technology, and the changes in our societies has had a massive impact and made the world a ''global village.'' These developments really change our relations with our fellow human beings. In a world we're living in, the popular

Does money equals true success

by Sicebise Msengana


In a materialistic culture we tend to place value on stuff than people, relationships,ethics etc. We have twisted the true meaning of success and even go so far to say, ''the one with most toys wins!'' There has never been a time in history where some people used their wealth and rewards of success to destroy themselves and worse others. Don't get me wrong material wealth acquired is not bad, but we should seek a balance in life.

What is success?  Unfortunately, the world and the popular media have turned the real definition of success upside down. Success by the  world's standards is defined by power, fame and money. The more a person has those things, the more it looks like that person is successful. However, true success has absolutely


By Sicebise Msengana



Relationships are very hard to maintain and require a lot of hard work and commitment. Some relationships fail simply because either parties want to work towards a successful relationship.

Forget about fantasies. Many relationships flop simply because people fall in love with the idealization of ''perfect love''- that the love person is  flawless, never grumpy, never sad, never disagrees and will wipe
away all unhappiness. To love in this way is to ask for disillusionment.
Compromise is key. A good relationship doesn't have a master or slave, boss or servant. Compromise for the sake of your relationship. You might win an argument but lose a person.  Of course you should point out when your lover hurts you. A wise mind can distinguish between what's hurtful and can be rectified, and what


By Sicebise Msengana


Choices are a very important part of our lives. They either make us or break us. Its very important make wise decisions about our lives. Our choices determine our short-term and long-term goals. Are we free to choose our own course in life? Or is our fate (or destiny)already decided, whether by God or some chain of events we didn't create which led to an inevitable future we can't influence?  
                                                                                                                                                                    Choices have consequences. We are free to make choices but we are not free from the consequences of our actions.
Choices have a ''history button.'' Every choice you make creates a history. Make sure it's a history