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My Khoisan/ Xhosa Ancestry

By Sicebise Msengana

The San people of southern Africa......

"World's most ancient race traced in DNA study
The San people of southern Africa, who have lived as hunter-
gatherers for thousands of years, are likely to be the oldest
population of humans on Earth, according to the biggest and
most detailed analysis of African DNA. The San, also known as
bushmen, are directly descended from the original population of early human ancestors who gave rise to all other groups of
Africans and, eventually, to the people who left the continent to populate other parts of the world.


By Sicebise Msengana

In my activism, I've came across questions like "Why do you hate white people"? or "You're a hater!" If calling out white folks for their part in oppressing and exploiting my people makes me a hateful racist, so be it.

My Xhosa Origins

By Sicebise Msengana

NdinguSinNTU, a proud descendant of the oldest people on the planet, the San - a direct ancestor of Xhosa (The Legendary founder of the Xhosa nation) and a history that spans more than 140, 000 years.

“Groundings with My Daughters”. Mentacide: and Other Essays

By Sicebise Msengana

Baruti, Mwalimu K. Bomani. “Groundings with My Daughters”. Mentacide: and Other Essays. Atlanta,    GA: Akoben House. 2005
Young sisters, you must think deeply about the way of our ancestors. Those of ancient Nubia, Kemet, and the rest of our motherland surpassed all others in their wisdom and humanity. They are the ones who warned us about committing treason against the culture and tradition that make us Afrikan, lest we destroy ourselves. Remember, there is no separation of the past and present, no divide between ourstorical interpretation and contemporary reality. 

Famous Hollywood Racist Stereotypes About African Men

By Sicebise Msengana

Racist Hollywood likes to portray us African men as warlords and savagely GENOCIDAL brutes carrying machine guns and machetes. 
African men don't smile or cry. We are always angry. We rape and kill for no apparent reason. 

1. Scammers. In order for African men to make it in life, they have to date or marry western women for green cards and money. We also have card scams up our sleeves.


By Sicebise Msengana

A Xhosa couple. 

BLACK LOVE is REVOLUTIONARY. There's no BLACK POWER/ UNITY/PRIDE without BLACK LOVE. BLACK LOVE is the key to our liberation and empowerment as a people. 

Where Was God During Slavery

By Sicebise Msengana

The same place he was when he drowned millions of men, women and children with a globe flood in Noah's days. The same place he was when he punished the entire human race because of the actions of two sinful individuals -- Adam and Eve.

African Manhood Part III: Xhosa Men

By Sicebise Msengana

Sacrifice is part of Afrikan manhood. We sacrifice ourselves for those we love.  Afrikan men practice love to Afrikan women by supporting Black families and providing leadership.

African Wealth: Afrika's Billionaires

By Sicebise Msengana

Despite centuries-old legacies of slavery, colonialism and apartheid; Africa continues to be the fastest growing powerhouse in the world. Indeed, Africa is the land of opportunities when it comes to wealth creation.

White Scams Part IV: White Women are Culture Vampires

By Sicebise Msengana

Before we discuss this further, I noticed something very interesting. White females no matter how much they claim to "love" Afrikan male, they will never support his agenda whereas the Afrikan woman is very loyal to her man.

White Scams Part III: The White Man is the Psychological Father of The Black Man

By Sicebise Msengana

The White man is the psychological father of the Black man. He DEGRADES him, OPPRESSES him, KILLS him and RIDICULES him before the entire world.

He stole his territory (i.e. Africa) and EXPLOITED his manhood and continues to profit from the DEATH and DESTRUCTION of his psychological, son -- the African man. 

White Scams Part I: Racist White Women Be Like

By Sicebise Msengana                                                            

I've always believed in a ''race-less society,'' even my earlier posts on this matter reveal this fact. But my gut has always bothered me lately that I decided to check the claims made by various African scholars in Africa and America. And I was a bit shocked by what I saw and read.

As I read more and more on these topics, it dawned on me that the system works in different to deceive, control and co-opt its constituencies.

I'm 100% Xhosa and San-and Proud of it

By Sicebise Msengana

I'm 100% Afrikan. So no cave DNA for me and my people --Xhosa and San. Scientists believe that Bantu peoples migrated from West Africa 5000 years ago and arrived in Southern Africa more than 2000 years ago.

African Erotica: Chocolate Fantasy

By Sicebise Msengana

ROMANCE in the African context is one that is ignored by various scholars and researchers. But Africans have been falling in love for thousands of years. Love-making was and still is essential to the survival of our race. Our ancestors in ancient Egypt and Nubia, had been the creators and mothers of African civilisations and it was vital for them to know about this knowledge.

Types of African women

By Sicebise Msengana

AFRICAN PEOPLE’S LIBERATION ARMY: This army is powerful because all its women want to DESTROY the enemy’s strength and win social and REVOLUTIONARY POLITICAL POWER for the African people.

A 4 Step Guide to Africa: Africans according to Whites and Asians

By Sicebise Msengana

#1 RACIAL THEORY: “We hate Africans because they are an inferior race."

“Whether we like it or not, Africans are lazy, stupid and inherently violent animals destined for perpetual slavery... .”—said white supremacists and Asian racists.

How to Start a Religion in 12 Easy Ways

By Sicebise Msengana

Are you constantly stressed out and broke as an African? Do you want to enjoy life and take full advantage of opportunities? Do you wish to have an intimate relationship with your loved ones or spouse or partner?
In fact, it’s simple, and any African can do it. I have an idea of starting a religio-political cult. You can follow along at home.

African Manhood pt2

By Sicebise Msengana

African manhood: The family unit is ESSENTIAL to the black man’s DIGNITY. African men rarely talk about 'women’s weaves' and this and that, what dresses 'SHOULD Black women wear' and this and that etc.

Instead, we look at it as a way for black women to SURVIVE in a white supremacist society that is hostile to all black people—including those black folks who wear locks or wear their hair in its natural form.

Summer Reading List 2016

By Sicebise Msengana

It’s that time of the year when I get to read books until 3 a.m. The objective of preserving oneself and disintegrating enemy troops is the basis of military, economic, social, cultural and political principles.

Revolution in Africa

By Sicebise Msengana

If you believe in Gandhian nonviolent fantasies or Dr. King’s warm message of ‘loving your enemies’, please ignore this. Nobody should teach Africans to suffer peaceful or make themselves martyrs in the name of nonviolence.  When it is far better to make martyrs of police states, police barbarians, colonial terrorists, mass murderers, enslavers, and war criminals.