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African Heroes: Assassination of Chris Thembisile Hani

By Sicebise Msengana

10 April 1993 - Chris Hani, the SACP secretary-general, is assassinated
On this day twenty five years ago, the South African Communist Party (SACP) secretary-general, Chris Thembisile Hani also known to

African Future: The African Child

By Sicebise Msengana

"Whoever does not inform his children of his grandparents has destroyed his child, marred his descendants, and injured his offspring the day he dies." - Timbuktu Scholar 14th Century

Pan-African Identity

By Sicebise Msengana

"Black, or Blackness, tells you how you look without telling you who you are, whereas Africa, or Africans, relates you to land, history, and culture"– John Hendrik Clarke

3 Ways Africans are Destroyed

By Sicebise Msengana

1. False goods from fake salesmen.

 The great weapon, which the European and Asian oppressors use against Africans is controlling the thinking of Africans.