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Famous Hollywood Racist Stereotypes About African Men

By Sicebise Msengana

Racist Hollywood likes to portray us African men as warlords and savagely GENOCIDAL brutes carrying machine guns and machetes. 
African men don't smile or cry. We are always angry. We rape and kill for no apparent reason. 

1. Scammers. In order for African men to make it in life, they have to date or marry western women for green cards and money. We also have card scams up our sleeves.


By Sicebise Msengana

It's that time again, where I get to read books until 3 a.m in the morning. Every year I make my book recommendations to the public. This year is no different.

Homosexuality and the Effeminization of Afrikan Males

By Sicebise Msengana

"As with every other perversion Europeans attempt to introduce us to, homosexuality often comes in a humorous package. We are persuaded to laugh at its strangeness. Participatory laughter disarms us and makes the object of our laughter innocent, harmless. Yet, at the same time, it opens our minds to the possibility of its acceptance. Regardless, it is introduced to our consciousness. And we should know that all it takes is one time. All we have to do to have something planted in our minds is to be exposed to it one time. That’s why people shield their children from negativity, to prevent them from being exposed to things that they do not want them to consider as possibilities, things that shatter their innocence" - Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti, Homosexuality and the Effeminization of Afrikan Males. 


By Sicebise Msengana

Africa is the most diverse continent on on the planet. We have thousands of more than 3000 ethnic groups speaking more than 2000 languages and residing in 54 countries. African women are the most gorgeous women on the planet. African women are the backbone of the African revolution and the African community globally. Thanda owakho!

Xhosa woman

Guinea woman

Djibouti woman

Ghanian woman

African American woman

Ethiopian woman

Sudan woman

Zulu woman

 Nigerian woman


Can Subsistence Agriculture Feed Africa?

By Sicebise Msengana

CAN SUBSISTENCE AGRICULTURE FEED AFRICA? I spent a week in Tsolo, South Africa, learning about types of farming methods.