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Edward Mitole

The entire psychopathic bourgeois media and its owners have rallied in a desperate attempt to rally the working class into supporting their intra-class fractional battle. The exploited class is opportunistically drawn to fight in an intra-class battle of its exploiter, a battle for who can better exploit.
How many remember when the African people were dragged against their will, to fight in both the "European War" (wrongly dubbed World War) and the "Settlers War" (wrongly dubbed Anglo-Boer War) ? It is so interesting that for the first time the employers, mainly owners of major cooperatives, are wiling to abandon their favourite - "no work, no pay" - line in order to use the working class to advance their evil agenda of preserving profits and remaining sole exploiters.

Who is #SaveSA?

Led by a dropped out Marxist scholar, who failed by distinction to comprehend basics of dialectics, in one Mark Heywood, #SaveSA is a social club of lifeless elites otherwise comprised of CEOs and shareholders of major banks, mines, companies and highly disgruntled politicians and former leaders of the ruling "kliptown charterist" formations. It is the group of buddies who are mainly comfortable with the neo-settler colonialist sellout arrangement of early 1990s that resulted to the continued landlessness of the African people, increased pauperisation of the majority and abject poverty of the working class. #SaveSA is nothing but the first group that led to the phenomenon of "state capture" and thus betraying the emancipatory aspirations of the African working class that fought and defeated Apartheid. This is the class, led by its devilish messiah in Nelson Mandela, that capitulated and ensured that the state remains captured by settler colonialist elite; that conquered and oppressed us for centuries since 1652. Land thieves, mass murders and super exploiters are what makes up the nonsense called #SaveSA and joined by recently disgruntled "Kliptown charterists" who were either in the labour aristocracy, government or fat cat former "youth leadership".

#SaveSA and all its direct and indirect supporters in their narrow and limited call for Zuma to go, are hell bent at convincing the highly impoverished working class majority that our plight starts with the emergence of the "Gupta captured" Jacob Zuma as the President of the country. So naive they are some, especially in the disgruntled labour aristocracy and fat cat "youth leadership" think we forgot that they are responsible for Zuma's emergence when they were still friends just less than ten years ago at big tent in a university located in Mankweng. So deliberate is their amnesia that they want us to forget about what they dubbed "Zuma Tsunami" and their desire to "Kill for Zuma", wow! Silibala msinyani basebenzi.

Why do they want only Zuma and his cronies to go?

Perhaps a project went wrong? Definitely not! This is nothing but a pure factional battle of willing looters and their bosses on how to exploit and who must. And most critically this is the fight of the imperialist bosses than the puppets. The otherwise "Western Captured" ANC government of Mandela, Mbeki and Montlante started to shift allegiance to the highly ambitious "Gupta led" Eastern bloc thus threatening the established, centuries old settler-colonial and exploitative arrangement when, Zuma took over. This is a mere battle of an old exploiter threatened by rapid rise of an aspirant bourgeois. In the eyes of an old established exploiter, Zuma's biggest crime was to allow space for equally exploitative and equally corrupt, aspirant fellows from the East into the space without approval of old guard led by Rupert, Oppenheimer and ink. This didn't only unsettle the comfortable bosses but it also did to "crumbs eating", BEE beneficiaries because Zuma in a typical old furnished patrimony, he ensured that his family and cronies become new "crumbs eaters". This mobilized the comfortable comprador bourgeois, the labour aristocracy and power hungry "youthful leaders" who saw bread going from West to East and crumbs falling from different table, and their benefits gone.

Why not only Zuma must go but the entire capitalist ink and its bosses from both East or West must also perish?

First and foremost, the working class should remember that the origin of our plight is capitalism and it is premised on land dispossession and continued exploitation. Our envisaged prosperous lives depends entirely on a socialist society that lies ahead after we (as a class) successfully conquer the war against our class enemies and their puppets. None of their puppets, whether supporting the established West or the aspirant East, are our class allies; for they both have exploitative intensions and oppressive desires.

Yes, Zuma must go but not only him but he must go with the entire ANC led Government that presided over the continuation of neo-settler colonialism and neo-liberal economic framework since Mandela to this day. The African Working Class majority should refuse to fooled by the #SaveSA Western inspired group nor by aspirant Indian funded defenders of Zuma. For our class, Pravin and Gigaba represent the same "charterist" liberals who are committed to the "1955 sellout nonsense" and continuation of the treacherous "rainbow nationalism" if the two are not the same.

None between the established but slightly disturbed settler colonialist bourgeois and the "nuclear deal hungry" aspirant bourgeois have the working class interests at heart. All we are currently witnessing is intra-class fractional battle and a desire to use us. Both fractions have irreconcilable antagonistic interests against our class and we should fight them. Lest we be accused of being neutral. We are definitely not, we have chosen a side and that is our class interests. The brawling fractions represents enemies and we shall destroy them both....

Zuma, Ramaphosa, their cronies and their imperialist masters must all perish. We don't want to save South Africa instead we want it to fall and Socialist Azania must rise towards a gigantic United Socialist Africa!

Unite Africa against both Western and Eastern Imperialism!
Africa look neither East nor West but look forward!
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