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Angel of Death

By Sicebise Msengana

It was 9 p.m on a Saturday night and I was visiting a friend in hospital. As I was waiting for my turn; a girl about the age of 16 years was put on life support.
She couldn't breath.  Within 20 minutes she was gone. The nurses said "She has passed away."

The painful part about this story is that her eldest brother was also in a critical condition in another ward because of mental health, and the other one was stabbed and just disappeared.

I was there. I kept asking myself "What is wrong with this family?" But bad things do happen to good and bad people.

We have a generation of people who say "I don't want to die!"

I don't know why most people think there's something constitutionally wrong with death. A fool avoids thinking about death because he loves ice cream. He loves candy. He loves eating at McDonald's. He loves loud music. He loves night clubs.

We all live to die. If life has meaning, then death also has meaning. Death is not a problem to the person involved but a solution.
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