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Anti-African Manhood Racism in Black America Part 1

By Sicebise Msengana

Okay, we get you hate Black men. There's no need to lump us all with inferior minded Black men.  There are two things to be learned from this typical response:

 (a) Prejudice in the Black community is instrumental in other people taking advantage of Africans everywhere, they may be.

It seems like African American men have been asleep for over 400 years and during their absence, their own women have turned against them. As an African man, I won't paint a conventional image of African women. Our women go through a lot of emotions, but in my experience, I've never seen African women bashing and degrading African men on and offline. Maybe they do exist, but I've never watch and seen YouTube video or memes made by African women that attack African men and ridicule them.

American brothers need to put down this feminist crap that teaches Black women that "The black man is “her enemy” and her “career”, the one that white supremacy ALLOWS her to have, is more important than family. She is brainwashed to believe that her sexuality is “up for grabs by the highest bidder”—Negress. The African man is the HEAD of the Black family and he needs to be control of his family, life and community. The Black man is not perfect, so is the White man or the Indian man.

The African man be it in America, Caribbean Islands, Brazil or Africa, is denied his humanity and that’s what fuels these self-destructive behaviours that we complain about too often.

Negress poses the question: Black women are angry at black men. Are we justified in that anger? Yes. Is it entirely his doing? No. Look at America, for example, who distributes the drugs in Black community? White people. Who sells the guns? White people. Who creates poverty in Black community? White and Asian people.

Dr. Amos Wilson touched on this issue eloquently, “The key to understanding the relationship that Black-on-Black crime has to white supremacy and genocide is knowing the context in which the problem occurs. Too often people want to talk about the problems that exist in the Black community as if they are unconnected to everything else going on in the country
. This is a terrible mistake in analysis. You have to begin with the political and economic context in which a people exist in order to begin to understand their behaviour. When Blacks commit violence against other Blacks, they’re committing it within a certain political economic context. Violent acts are social acts. We may call them anti-social, but they are still social, whether anti- or pro-, which means that they have to do with the nature of relationships between people. That’s what we mean when we use the word social. If we are to understand the social relationship of Blacks to whites and to the social and political system in which we exist When we look at this system under which we exist as
Black people , we’ll see a connection between it and the kind of behaviour the Black community is undergoing at this particular time....

We don’t think of crime as serving a social function. Some people’s negative behaviour serves the interest of other people. For instance, Black children dropping out of school serves the interests of other people’s children, who then don’t have Black people to compete against. Our dropping out becomes a service to those who then can enter the positions for which we are no longer in competition...
It’s important to understand how you actually create poverty in a people so that you can use their services. You strip them of everything; therefore, they become utterly dependent upon you, and you use their dependency
as a means of creating your own wealth and power.

Black people aren’t poor by accident. This serves the interest of somebody. The energy that we put into hurting each other is the energy that we can’t use to compete against other people. The stereotypes of Black-on-Black crime serve as a justification for other people to take advantage of us. But in a deeper sense, it serves to hide the criminality of whites...”

I think African women in the Diaspora need to change their approach towards their men and vice versa. As explained earlier in the above statement of Amos Wilson, these anti-African behaviours serve the interests of other people. We need to BUILD successful Black families, businesses and communities and without the Black man and his woman, it is IMPOSSIBLE FOR THAT to happen.

b) Disloyalty. It is impossible for Africans to date/marry other people and be loyal to themselves at the same.

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