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African Love

By Sicebise Msengana

 L♥VE and SEXUALI☥Y are intimately related because they lead to the maintenance and reproduction of the species.
LOVE involves the preservation of oneself and group. If you LOVE your body, LOVE yourself, LOVE your man or woman, LOVE your family, LOVE your people, LOVE your community, you want and work to see them grow and develop. L☥FE is about growth, development, transcendence, enhancement, fulfilling one’s potential. THE LITTLE BABY IS BORN FULL OF POTENTIAL! It’s born a few inches long but it has the potential to grow many feet. It is born with a certain level of mental activity and yet there’s a potential for great intellectual, psychological, social and all types of growth and development. LOVE would permit these potentials to express and actualize itself.
LOVE is a growth, development and enhancing element, geared towards survival, protection, liberation, freedom, discovery, goodness, healing, reconstruction and elation. LOVE has its own natural high—its own euphoria. When you’re LOVED by your family and community and you LOVE your family and community, when your family and community permit you to grown, develop and fulfill your potential and you do the same in return, when you can sit down and not be afraid to walk the streets of your community, not be afraid to speak and say hello to people on the streets in your community, when you can have a decent conversation without feeling that you have to manipulate someone or someone manipulates you, there’s found a BEAUTY and EUPHORIA! There’s a tendency to SMILE, to be HAPPY, FREE, HONEST and OPEN!

This is what LOVE does when it truthfully operates within a community. LOVE takes you beyond yourself—transcending you. You glow and people pick up your glow, so your LOVE becomes infectious and people reflect it back on you as you reflect it on them. Therefore, you feel good and it feels wonderful to dance, sing, play, joke and even to be a little “silly” at times with people who you LOVE. LOVE just makes you glow with HEALTH and HAPPINESS and it is a beautiful kind of experience that makes you naturally want to stay with your people, naturally want to be around your community and naturally want to be a part of its movement forward. LOVE, then, that exists within a community, is the element that makes that community grow, develop and enhance itself. THIS IS WHAT ☥RUE L♥VE DOES! – Dr. Amos Wilson
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