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White Scams Part IV: White Women are Culture Vampires

By Sicebise Msengana

Before we discuss this further, I noticed something very interesting. White females no matter how much they claim to "love" Afrikan male, they will never support his agenda whereas the Afrikan woman is very loyal to her man.

White women wearing African clothing is not real love for Afrikan males and Afrikan culture.

Real love from White women would look like White females doing something to stop the assault on Afrikan males by White men like marching or dying alongside Black men to eliminate racism/white supremacy.

These females are sent by the White man to confuse Afrikans about racism/white supremacy.  As if racism is going to be eliminated through these token gestures. They sleep with you, they wear Afrikan clothes and even marry you. Of course, they must be free of racism and are not racists, as the logic goes. But you will notice that the system doesn't change in spite of the so-called feelings of affection for Afrikan people. Afrika is still a looting ground for barbaric European colonialists; Afrikan people are collateral assets for these White slave traders.

I don't care how many awards hang on your wall or how educated and rich you are. But when an Afrikan speaks you need to shut up and listen.

It doesn't matter even if you have 3-50% of Afrikan blood and don't identify with Africa; you are not an Afrikan and have no business to claim Afrika and Afrikan culture. It's not yours.

This female savage is not an Afrikan woman. She is simply EXPLOITING Afrikan culture to make a living when there are thousands if not millions of artists in Afrika who die starving. It goes without saying that everyone is allowed to benefit from Afrikan culture, save for its creators - Afrikans.

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