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The Black Man's Greatest Wealth: The Afrikan Woman

By Sicebise Msengana

The Black man's greatest wealth: In Xhosa, we have a proverb that says "Ubuhle bendoda zinkomo zayo", which means a man's attraction is judged by his cattle. Cattle in Xhosa symbolises wealth and material success.

And Afrikan women are God's greatest gifts (wealth) to Afrikan men. I for one will not tolerate ANTI-BLACK WOMEN RACISM and I will put anyone who dares to bully or intimidate Black women in their place.

RECOGNISE that the most effective way for the system to DESTROY our CONFIDENCE as AFRICAN MEN is to DEGRADE black females and portray our women in the UGLIEST STEREOTYPES. To hell with ANTI-BLACK WOMAN RACISM! I will not assist in the oppression of Black women.

We desire self-hating Black and non-Black men to watch their mouths about Black women.

White, Arab, Indian and Chinese males must be taught to respect Black women the same way they want Black men to respect their women. If men of other races will kill for their women, then that’s what as Afrikan men we should do to PROTECT and DEFEND our women. All debts must be PAID in blood!

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