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The Final Wake Up Call: Africans, You are on Your Own pt3

By Sicebise Msengana

As Dr. Amos Wilson once mentioned ‘The ruling of our people world over has to be bought with FALSE INDIVIDUALISM AND SEPARATING us from our African identity as people.’ That’s the process. First, separation of Africans from their African identity and giving
them false identities.

Can’t you see the mind games? Non-Africans, especially Europeans are two-faced hypocrites. First, they imply that being African means “inferiority” and then they proceed to claim the African identity for themselves. That’s how you con a sleeping people that is naive and gullible enough to believe that the separation from their African identity does them a favour.

White people are fighting so hard to be called Africans. Europeans and Asians in Africa would kill to be called Africans. And your so-called white scientists interject that Europeans are actually Africans because they’re “related” to some ethnic groups and that some ethnic groups are “not related” to each other, because they’re diverse. Thus, Africa doesn’t belong to Africans but “all” because “everyone’s African.”

OK, Africans are not allowed to benefit from their identity.

If one notices in the Americas, there’s a great disconnection from Africa. So much that Africans there don’t want to be called African. As a result, it causes them some sort of anxiety because it implies that they’re inferior.
To solve this problem, they invented extra pseudo-identities such as ‘Black Indians’ and ‘Hebrew Israelites.’ The funny part, instead of building or something like those ancient Indians or ‘Original Jews’, they waste time trying to convince everyone else that they’re not African. If they’re indeed, are not Africans, why the need to remind anyone over and over and over that they’re not Africans? Why not just focus on their lives and leave the rest of the babble to solve itself?

Everyone is busy fighting to fill his or her own bank account. Even if it means throwing another African under the bus. Individualism dictates that people who see themselves as people, not members of the African race.
They usually think in terms of a Utopian make believe world: That every African person has an equal opportunity for success in this world, forgetting that the system is rigged to an extent that not everyone can ‘make it.’ Since they have experienced mild success, they believe that everyone who wants to be successful can be successful and achieve and that those who don’t are  ‘lazy’ ‘not bright’ and ‘whiny' about racism and discrimination.’

It explains why some African people in America say things like “Don’t talk about that African stuff. Africa is a big jungle and Africans are hanging from trees.”
With that attitude, it explains why black people are still at the bottom and descending.
 The great late scholar, Asa G. Hilliard III sums it up “We seek minimal adjustment and temporary comfort by assimilating to the whatever political, economic and cultural may be, even when that order is itself in chaos or driven by values that are anti-African... When we ‘dream,’ we often don’t dream original dreams; we merely seek relief from pain.”

Another thing is the LACK OF KNOWLEDGE AND COOPERATION between Africans. In earlier articles, I’ve pointed out that Africans refuse to come together and build for themselves. As a result, our people remain helpless, unproductive and unprotected.  To quote Dr. Chancellor Williams who describe it as ‘disunity and non cooperation have been characteristic of black societies. And this fact, more than anything else, helps in the understanding not only why the Blacks eventually lost in their battles against the whites, but also why even today they are still unable to deal with the white world.’
Third, Africans have wrong friends. Almost every evil in Africa is linked to these foreign intruders. Pre-colonial Africa had its problems, but it was not as bad as today. Our ancestors tell a tale of great harvest, clean rivers, and abundance of wealth for everyone. Everything was shared.

But with the arrival of Europeans/Arabs all hell broke loose. It’s been a long way up ever since. As Dr. Chancellor Williams lays it down ‘ As time went on they became so preoccupied with warring against each other that they seemed to regard the whites [Non-Africans]as friends by comparison.’  We don’t need saviours. Because working with white people or other non-African allies comes with strings attached and a host of unprecedented problems.

 When Africans work with these above mentioned people, you will find Africans solving the wrong problems: For example, white people will dictate how the fight should be and who should lead. Interestingly, the  white collective lacks the balls to confront racism/white supremacy in their own communities, yet, they place themselves in Black Power Movements, as teachers and guides.

CongoForum explains ‘Part of the reason why the Western powers ignore the abundant evidence implication both Uganda and Rwanda in Congo's crimes is that the West gets Congo’s minerals through Rwanda and Uganda, as if it is necessary for millions of Congolese to die for the West to have access to these minerals... .’
 If the Arab world refuses to own up to its 1000-year slave trading business that still rages silently in North and East Africa, then how can they be able to assist us? Chinese imperialism is devastating the African continent under the cloak of ‘development partnership’ or ‘strategic investment.’ Again CongoForum debunked the myth: ‘In fact, China is not really “investing.” Most of the “Chinese investment in Africa” is actually a very well-structured program of concessional loans. What does that mean? China has taken the World Bank’s place in lending money to Africa. The real investment actually accounts for less than 1% of China’s business in Africa.’

And our people being a naive and political immature people, believed the myth of Chinese “assistance.” They bring up you when they want to loot and steal with impunity.  Africans believed it because someone finally brought them up. That’s why Africans have illusions about their relations with the other ethnic groups.

Wake up Africans, we have no friends in this world. Dr. Chancellor Williams explained ‘For the murderous onslaughts of the white slaves against their erst white masters so shocked the white world that the general enslave-ment of whites ended forever. On this the record is clear: White slavery ended after the Mameluke rebellion. Thereafter Black Africa became the exclusive hunting ground for slaves... All the theories of inherent black inferiority stemmed from the urgently felt need to justify the success in confining slavery to the African race... .’

As I’ve said before, Africans are not under any obligation to obey man-made racist genocidal philosophies or participate in their own destruction. Any genocidal law or racial stereotypes that says being African means ‘Inferiority’ ‘Low IQ’ ‘N*gger’ ‘Savage’ ‘Oversexualised’ must be dealt with accordingly with immediate effect. Nobody should teach Africans to suffer peacefully or ‘wait on the Lord’ unless someone tells the oppressors to practice the same kind of peaceful suffering.

1. ‘The Destruction of Black Civilisation.’ Dr. Chancellor Williams. Pg. 298.

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