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I'm 100% Xhosa and San-and Proud of it

By Sicebise Msengana

I'm 100% Afrikan. So no cave DNA for me and my people --Xhosa and San. Scientists believe that Bantu peoples migrated from West Africa 5000 years ago and arrived in Southern Africa more than 2000 years ago.

Upon arrival they intermarried considerably with the San people. But white historians would lead us to believe that the Xhosa people didplaced the original inhabitants of South Africa. --see [Xhosa History from 200, 000 years ago ]

Take away history has managed to convince us that We Africans, Xhosa people, in particular don't belong to Africa (South Africa).

Here's how modern Xhosa people look like:

Who can forget Nelson Mandela!

A Xhosa woman.

A Xhosa traditional wedding.

Xhosa women in traditional Xhosa attire.

Steve Tshwete's son, Mayihlome.

Unlike others whose ancestors passed through Eurasia. Source[Africans are not "mixed" or some Africans carry very little Neanderthal DNA]. Our blood relstives in the Americas do have considerable African blood and the rest is Non-African (i.e. European, Asian and Ameridian ancestry).

We all know how they got "mixed." The white slave traders and plantation owners used to rape African female slaves with impunity. --see [The rape of black women under slavery: part II]

But I think African Americans should pursue a "Back to Africa" movement --genetically, economic, psychologically, politically and socially. In that way, it would be easy to retain their African DNA. 
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