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African Erotica: Chocolate Fantasy

By Sicebise Msengana

ROMANCE in the African context is one that is ignored by various scholars and researchers. But Africans have been falling in love for thousands of years. Love-making was and still is essential to the survival of our race. Our ancestors in ancient Egypt and Nubia, had been the creators and mothers of African civilisations and it was vital for them to know about this knowledge.

Odwirafo  Kwesi  Ra  Nehem  Ptah  Akhan writes “In  the  cosmology  of  Kamit,  the  Ntoro  and  Ntorot  Ausar  and  Auset  were  elevated  to  and  directed  by  Ra  and Rait  to  be  the  Entities  governing  the  Ka  and  Kait  of  all  of  the  Deities  as  well  as  all  Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit males  and  females.  This  is  why  Ausar  has  the  title  Ka  and  Auset  has  the  title  Kat  (Kait)...”

The  Ka  and  the  Ba,  the  soul  of  Creation  and  the  spirit  of  Creation  were responsible for life-giving and life sustaining properties. The male and female relationship is crucial to procreation and raising of children.

My KhoiSan and Bantu-speaking ancestors intermarried more than 2000 years ago, and created a new people who were later known as the Xhosa, the second largest ethnic group in South Africa, after the Zulus. This was love-making in action! Did I left out the part of the Xhosa also having the oldest genome in the world through our KhoiSan ancestors?

A woman in love wants to see her husband in her children. Men practice self-sacrifice by supporting their families and providing leadership.

HAPPINESS can only be found in self-sacrifice (love). A real man wants his woman to be cared for, protected, and loved in all ways. He wants to put you first.

When he thinks about you, he fantasizes about having sex with you, about the kisses, candles, roses, and excitement of the sex at its most intriguing, aggressive level.

One young woman had a CHOCOLATE FANTASY for years. In the fantasy, she is in a hotel room and she goes to the bathroom. But before she can close the door, her lover follows her in, pushes her up against the wall and kissing her gently. There was no greater pleasure than feeling him touch her nipples, licking them softly, sending mind-blowing sensations directly to her clit.

Kissing his way down her body, she proceed to spread her legs for the young man, giving him access to her treasure. His masculine fingers flick her wet cunt. Exposing herself completely to her lover and the young man penetrated her softly.

In some fantasies, she is busy taking a shower and then her lover enters and closes the door behind him. He then locks it and looks at her in the eyes. She thinks about the sensation of having a dick rub her pussy lips, penetrating her, licking every inch of his stiff erection and pumping his cum inside of her body.

She’s aroused! Excited and feels vulnerable to him. The young lover undoes his pants and pulls out his cock, it’s hard and ready. She can’t think of a better sensation than feeling that thick, hard dick thrusting into her wet pussy, and invading her seductively.

He joins her to have a shower and goes to grab her. She is reluctant at first. But he kisses her passionately until she craves the man with whom she can express herself, in her wild, primitive, sexual self.

DISCLAIMER: Be responsible and use protection every time you engage in sexual activities such as vaginal intercourse, oral and anal sex. Being faithful and sticking to one partner lessen your chances of getting STDs (HIV/AIDS), unwanted pregnancies and abortions.

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