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What Anti-racist whites should do to help

By Sicebise Msengana

'White people, collectively, DO NOT CARE about the TRUTH of what is being said, written, or broadcast about black people as long as the FOCUS stays on “what is wrong with black people” and the PRESSURE keeps black people on the self-defeating treadmill of proving to (CONVINCING) whites that blacks are not inferior'.-TrojanPam

I think one of the BIGGEST problems with white ‘anti-racism’ activism is the fact that race for white people is not a struggle they have to endure on a day-to-day basis unlike Africans. So to them, the discussion of ‘RACE’, gets them on a defensive mode and most white people literally IMPLY to the VICTIMS of racism/white supremacy—‘You’re the ones keeping racism alive.’

Now we are not building people up or standing against the system of white supremacy when we are supporting it either by actions, thoughts or approval. Instead, white people are policing and framing conversations to their liking.

I would like to be  sympathetic to white people, if they were sincere in their activism by adding militancy to the struggle and actually demand all debts be paid in blood.

The focus should be on losing your skin-based privileges and demanding a non-racist society based on merit, justice, freedom and peace. Not collaboration with the pro-racist/white supremacy establishment through ineffective marches and protests. Just as Dr. Amos Wilson makes excellent remarks ‘white people engage in racism because they have the power to do so. And if we are to end white racism, we must end white power.’

Let’s not forget the goal. The original GOAL of anti-racism activism is the RECOGNITION and RESPECT of Africans as human beings. If interracial sex/marriage is going to DIGNIFY Africans, then alright. If African lands in white colonists aren’t going to be returned to its original inhabitants and that will DIGNIFY Africans, then alright. If marches, candlelit vigils or ‘obeying the law’ is going to DIGNIFY Africans in America, then alright. And so on. But after doing all that stuff and the problem is still not SOLVED then we have a BIG PROBLEM.

In his essay, The White Masters of the World, WE. B. Du Bois wrote ‘Out of this emerged the doctrine of the Superior Race: the theory that a minority of the people of Europe are by birth and natural gift the rulers of mankind; rulers of their own suppressed labor classes and, without doubt, heaven-sent rulers of yellow, brown, and black people.’

 It is correct and logical, to say the white race was created for the only purpose: to practice racism. ‘Whiteness’ is a psychological badge that was created in your behalf to give you benefits and privileges based on the genocide, enslavement, rape and destruction of non-white populations.

White people  (Europeans) being prejudice to Africans is not RACISM. Racism is White people abusing and mistreating Africans just because they are not White. And having institutional power to withhold not only their civil rights but also their human rights.
So far we have established who (white people) practices racism and who are the victims (non-whites). What now? The only solution to racism is either destruction of those who created it for their own SURVIVAL or tear apart this existing system (racism/white supremacy), which Dr. Amos Wilson calls it a ‘Crimo-genetic society—a generator of crime.’ Dr. Amos Wilson’s powerful analysis is among the few and best practical weapons against racism, any serious anti-racist Africans or whites should consider using.


1. 'The White Masters of the World', WE. B. Du Bois. The World and Africa, 1965.

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