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The Final Wake Up Call: Africans, you Are On Your Own Pt 1

By Sicebise Msengana

Let’s correct these racist assumptions made by white people, including Uncle Toms.  African(Blacks) people aren’t oppressed because they are ‘inferior’ or something.
They are oppressed because they have not yet decided to be free and extract themselves from the shackles, and a cruel, evil system ever imposed on a group of people for over 500
years. So wicked, that its effects are still felt today and not to mention the ongoing African holocaust—recolonisation of Africa by Europe/ U.S. and a bunch of Asian countries. For example, debunks the myth of Chinese investment in Africa:

'More than 95% of all China’s programs in Africa have a clause that stipulates one breathtaking agreement: all infrastructure-related programs are required to have 70% Chinese contracted personnel. Only 30% of the people hired in these infrastructure programs are Africans. Last time I checked, equality means 50-50, not 70-30. Moreover, while the African governments choose where the infrastructure is needed, they have to pay back the money in natural resources, and are practically forced to give employment to thousands of Chinese instead of Africans.'

Africans collectively refuse to end white/foreign domination. Our people’s failure to change their condition is neither the competent leaders’ fault nor are they responsible for getting us out of our predicament. Many good leaders like  Malcolm X, Amilcar Cabral, Patrice Lumumba and others taught us invaluable lessons and even paid the ultimate price. They died begging Africans to see value of working with other Africans and in unifying with other Africans to end white power/racism.  What do they get in return? African folks will say ‘I was abused by my mother’ ‘My father left us when we were little’ ‘I’m fed up with black people’ ‘Let’s forgive and forget’ ‘White people don’t owe us anything’; a lot of half-truths and other rationalisations.

However, when it comes to supporting or enabling our oppressors, African people will put silly French flags on their Facebook profiles to support France( a colonial tyranny), spend thousands of dollars on the latest iPhone, weave, expensive cars and mansions, all bought from their oppressors. Yet when it comes to donating funds  or supporting noteworthy causes such as the Haiti floods or financing their own politicians, they will say ‘I have no money’ ‘I don’t have time.’
African people, especially African Americans will go around the world and kill the enemies of their enemies and still have to fight racial discrimination at home. African people in America will march with their oppressors and say with a big grin ‘I see no colour’ or ‘This is not a Black and White thing’, yet complain bitterly that their sons and daughters are being slaughtered in the streets of America on the basis of skin colour.

African people will leave the Black community in droves to marry the sons and daughters of their enemies, because white people have brought up you. Those who are familiar with “The Isis Papers: The Keys to the Colors” by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing will recognise that White people created racism/white supremacy for their own survival.

As we all know that white people are experiencing a decline in birth rates. Could it be that there is a reason why the media and academia wants us Africans to have sex or children with White people? Now, they bring up you when they want to preserve themselves.

How can white people who spent their time making the past generations of Africans feel inferior and deprived of resources through genocides, colonial terrorism(land grabbing), and slavery, be our friends? White people oppressed, killed and raped our ancestors in order to steal the land and earn great wealth and obscene privileges. And when it comes to land repossession in Africa, white people all of a sudden see no colour? All of a sudden, we are ‘All humans’ ‘we are ‘Africans’ or worse, Africans must ‘Get over it!’ Now, that they brought you up you are going to believe it.

 It is a grave insult to the legacy of our ancestors for Africans to be told that they should ‘Go back to Africa’, as some race soldiers such as Dutch Boers and other European ethnic groups like to rationalise land grabbing in many parts of Africa. Not only is it absurd it is offensive to tell Africans that ‘they don’t belong in Africa.’

No one dares to tell Anglo-Saxons in Britain to go back to where they came from. No one dares to teach that Germanic tribes don’t belong in Europe. No one dares to say that Europeans were not around when the first Africans visited Europe. But everyone seems to have an opinion on Africans, and their claim to Africa. This paternalistic  mentality precisely exists because Africans still allow foreign invaders to con them out of their birth right.

In conclusion, when Africans refuse to come together to advance and finance a unified agenda, not only do they continue to ‘maintain sin and criminality’, as Dr Amos Wilson pointed out, but they also sentence the future generations of Africans to a lifetime of bondage and enslavement.

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