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Secularism: Scepticism Over The Supernatural Fantasies

By Sicebise Msengana

Predictions for the future:
In the years to come there will be a big evolution of religion. In the next 50-100 years, it won't be the religion we know like today. Just as there is a revolution in world religions. Take a look at Christianity, it is not what it used to be. Some of the teachings taught today would make the epistles and martyrs turn in their graves. For example, prosperity gospel that is used to cheat people of their hard earned money by promises of "divine blessings," faith healing and many other outlandish claims.

Years ago, I asked a person of faith, why doesn't God perform miracles as He used to do in ancient times. The answer was simple: "miracles have failed to convince people of God's love and grace.  Even if God performed miracles through his prophets, the emphasis today is put on people using faith to find and please God." A look at Islam, Take a look at Islam in its infancy. The religion was built on bloody conquests of the pagans. The Jihad or holy wars were fought in the name of Allah were means to spread the Muslim faith across the world.

But today one may find that there is a slight deviation from the original teachings of the Quran. Islam is becoming more tolerant and accepting particularly among the Western countries. Much of the Quran is interpreted metaphorically by many Islamic scholars. The same holds for other world religions. In the next 100 years, humanity for the first time may witness a form of religion that is secular in nature. We might see a form of world religion that incorporates all world religions in one religions system. A religious system that is tolerant to the homosexual community, the doctrine of Hell is metaphor of a real place. Scepticism over blind obedience.

Reason and logic over the supernatural and miracles. Sick people over depraved sinners. Today, scientists are trying to solve the problem of consciousness, if the findings reveal that the soul is not immortal. Then, Heaven and Hell, will be allegories of real places. Instead, of people going to suffer in hell for eternity. Hell could be a place that purifies sinners who were unable to attain sanctity in this lifetime. As science advances people won't need God to provide explanations for the difficult questions. Scientific advancements will fill most of the gaps. The fundamental doctrines of this secular religion is more of a "lifestyle religion." One can believe in God, or not, God won't hold you accountable for your lifestyle choices. A person can do whatever they want as long as they are good to their fellow human beings, tithe to church.
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