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5 ways to love your kids

By Sicebise Msengana

Pic : Shuttlestock

Once upon a time there was a young boy named Buhle (which means beauty). He came from a wealthy family. His parents lavish every expensive gift conceivable on him. If he wanted something he got it in a day or two. He was so spoilt that he couldn't do anything for himself.  But sadly, his parents died. Leaving him with everything. In despair, he slept with many women and drunk himself to sleep. And experimented with every drug available.

One day, he was found in his bedroom dead. He left a note saying, "I wish I wasn't born rich. Money has ruined my life."

We live in a tragic world, it is a world where kids cry when daddy buys the "wrong" car. We should be bothered with the direction our world is heading.

1. Tough love

While it is important to love our children. But it is also vital to make our children take the responsibility and face the consequences of their actions--be it drug addiction, excessive drinking or promiscuity. Resist the urge to let them "off the hook" when they behave disgracefully.

2. Parental guidance

Whatever parenting strategy, its role modelling, and consistent discipline that matters so much.

 3. Communication 

  Lines of communication need to be open and honest. Children need to know that mommy or daddy is ready to listen to them. There's nothing too bad or "dirty" that can't be discussed.

4. Boundaries

Boundaries need to be set early. Sometimes saying "NO" to your children is the best way to love them. It will also to teach them to behave well, both in public and at home.

5. Independence

One day, you and I will leave this world.  It is very important for children to learn survival skills. These crucial skills need to be learned from an early age. Children need to look after themselves. Allow them to things that they can do for themselves. There's nothing wrong with older kids taking part in household chores like cooking, washing dishes, taking out the trash, and cleaning their rooms. Also, mowing the lawn, cleaning the swimming pool. It will keep them from participating in wrong things like experimenting with drugs, alcohol, sex etc. Because they are busy with work. In turn, this will teach them to be responsible and independent adults.

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