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Reconstructing Africa: The African revival

By Sicebise Msengana


Pre-colonial experiences

For thousands of years, Africans have lived in relative harmony. Our forefathers' lives were dictated by African customs and rituals. As I mentioned in my book, Life is Unfair But Everything else is a Gift which will be published later this year--the ancient African society was made up of  "Intellectuals." These intellectuals were well versed in the indigenous knowledge of the complex African community.

In essence, the people had a sophisticated system that existed to serve the aspirations of the millions of Africans. It can be argued that African continent was self-sufficient ,and capable of providing for its population.

5 ways to love your kids

By Sicebise Msengana

Pic : Shuttlestock

Once upon a time there was a young boy named Buhle (which means beauty). He came from a wealthy family. His parents lavish every expensive gift conceivable on him. If he wanted something he got it in a day or two. He was so spoilt that he couldn't do anything for himself.  But sadly, his parents died. Leaving him with everything. In despair, he slept with many women and drunk himself to sleep. And experimented with every drug available.

One day, he was found in his bedroom dead. He left a note saying, "I wish I wasn't born rich. Money has ruined my life."

We live in a tragic world, it is a world where kids cry when daddy buys the "wrong" car. We should be bothered with the direction our world is heading.

10 reasons why we have fallen out of love

By Sicebise Msengana

Love is a subjective experience that differs from person to person. However, love is universal. All people recognise love. 

1. We are too picky. "She is not my type" or "He is way out of my league."

2. We are indifferent to the needs of our partners. 

3. We date because we want to settle a score with our ex.