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12 ways to improve your relationships

By Sicebise Msengana




What do we desire in others? As human beings we tend to design the perfect person for a particular relationship--be it a romantic, someone to play sports with, a group member, church member, whatever.  Can you think of the personality traits you'd want this person to have? Have you ever wondered why some people--perhaps even you are not having good relations with your family, partner, spouse?
Relationships share similarities  all over the world. Family ties, friendships, marriages, love-- these are relationships all human beings experience. To an extent, of course, that's true; are somewhat universal
to humankind. However, these points stand out on how to improve your relationships:
Work on the problems. Remaining in a difficult and unfulfilling relationship is not easy. Many people are quick to leave a relationship that doesn't meet their needs, and it seems easier to dissolve a marriage or leave a church or