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Life is unfair but get used to it

By Sicebise Msengana


Many of us will do just about anything to avoid  serious issues in this world. Its easier to pretend that everything is okay. Growing up we all knew that Prince Charming married the beautiful princess and they lived happily ever after...but in real life, there's no such thing. In fact, each day comes with a new tragedy. A newlywed couple is killed in a plane crash on their way to their honeymoon, a small kid is diagnosed with a life threatening disease dies in her mother's arms,  scores of innocent people are murdered each day, earthquakes, tornadoes and many natural disasters claim so many lives
of people (including innocent children). But why do such tragedies happen? Do we deserve to suffer?

We are blessed

 Everything has a price even the smallest things in life. If we look careful at our lives and realize the gifts we possess, we quickly understand that we don't deserve any of them. What have you done to deserve to be born in a First World Country? What have you done to deserve to live in a planet that has oxygen and fresh water among other things? Why does a person deserve the gift of hearing or sight or taste buds? Why does a person deserve the gift of a healthy functioning digestive, reproduction or nervous system for that matter? Why does a person deserve to have healthy children, a hot meal, a fancy house to live in or literally everything we take for granted?

We know deep down that we have not worked for these gifts. Instead, they are priceless gifts handed to us from above. Everything that we have not worked for is a gift. Sometimes we go through life expecting everything to work out the way we want it and how it should turn out...but when things go south, all of a sudden we ask ourselves, ''why me?'' or ''This is unfair!''

But when we realize that we have been blessed and are receiving gifts that no material wealth can buy, we can make sense behind any bad thing or good thing.

Life is filled with injustices

Some people are born with more money, have greater skills, have opportunities, built bigger and stronger than others. So where is fairness in that? Where is justice in some born attractive and some unattractive, some born poor and some born rich, some born seeing, some born blind, some born well and some born disabled, some born smart and some born retarded, some are healthy and some are sickly, good people die in pain and anguish and evil people die in peace, some have children and some are infertile?

We are made for our special path in life. Although your life can be inspired by other people's lives, but you have to remember your situation is unique for your life. Hold on to that and miracles will happen at the right time. It doesn't matter whether your neighbor lives in a mansion that resembles a palace. It may be good for him but not for you and vice versa. We tend to think those who live in luxury have an unfair advantage, and yet those are the very people who are disadvantaged in the things that count the most. A person who truly appreciates what he has will not become envious and unhappy when his neighbor shows up with a new BMW.

Pain is not your biggest enemy

How you see things goes a long way. If you see pain with a bigger picture in mind, you will agree that pain and suffering is also part and parcel of life. Suppose you happen to see a childbirth: After the screams of the pregnant woman you would agree that it is too painful for any person to bear the pain. When in the anguish of giving birth to her very first baby, a woman becomes determined to never to have another child. It seems beyond logic that anything would be worth  enduring such pain. In spite of this, the joy of motherhood makes the pain so worthwhile that she would cry bitterly if granted her wish of never having another baby. Childbirth is a daunting experience, but the final reward makes it so worthwhile that she actually decides to embrace the pain.

How often have we heard these words, ''life is not fair'' or ''world is filled with injustices.'' Life is a journey and you are an ever-changing work in progress. You don't have to be  perfect to understand and appreciate whatever life gives you. You don't have to be rich in order to be in control of the circumstances in your life, and you don't have to be always right to be a saint.

We all die at different times  and in different ways but what we do while we are living , with what we are given matters a lot. A person whose life is focused on spiritual and  personal growth will know that suffering and pain is part of the package and this knowledge helps a person to endure. Believing that life has no meaning and purpose can be more painful than the pain itself. Having self-worth and examining your greater purpose for living allows a person to endure pain and become more stronger than before. Without that knowledge it will hinder a person from even enjoying comforts. So are you going to be defeated or you going to rise up and claim what's yours?

Your thoughts on Life is unfair but get used to it?

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