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Never Give Up No Matter What

By Sicebise Msengana

Pic: Odaiallame

The story goes like this: during the California Gold Rush, there was a man who sold everything he had and bought a mine. He worked for many years and found nothing. Finally, being discouraged he gave up and sold it to people who lived in the East. Several years later, the new owners decided to dig the mine for gold. They found the pick where the previous owner had abandoned it. And they started to dig, and before long they found gold. They had dug only twelve inches--the previous miner had been twelve inches short of the gold!

Often we give up too soon. We give up at the first sight of failure. How many people give up on their careers, relationships, families, lives (commit suicide) too soon? I don't know what you are

Life is unfair but get used to it

By Sicebise Msengana


Many of us will do just about anything to avoid  serious issues in this world. Its easier to pretend that everything is okay. Growing up we all knew that Prince Charming married the beautiful princess and they lived happily ever after...but in real life, there's no such thing. In fact, each day comes with a new tragedy. A newlywed couple is killed in a plane crash on their way to their honeymoon, a small kid is diagnosed with a life threatening disease dies in her mother's arms,  scores of innocent people are murdered each day, earthquakes, tornadoes and many natural disasters claim so many lives