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Never Give Up No Matter What

By Sicebise Msengana

Pic: Odaiallame

The story goes like this: during the California Gold Rush, there was a man who sold everything he had and bought a mine. He worked for many years and found nothing. Finally, being discouraged he gave up and sold it to people who lived in the East. Several years later, the new owners decided to dig the mine for gold. They found the pick where the previous owner had abandoned it. And they started to dig, and before long they found gold. They had dug only twelve inches--the previous miner had been twelve inches short of the gold!

Often we give up too soon. We give up at the first sight of failure. How many people give up on their careers, relationships, families, lives (commit suicide) too soon? I don't know what you are
facing right now--be it cancer, diabetes, or a failed relationship, but giving up is admitting that you are smaller than your problems. Successful people are bigger than their problems. Are you a failure or a successful person?

Ordinary people with an extraordinary purpose. Sometimes you find yourself thinking, ''I'm just an ordinary person.'' If you take look at the richest and most successful people in the world--what do they have in common? They are ordinary. Most of them started in humble beginnings. Many self-made billionaires were not born rich. They were like other every other human beings but they a decision to be exceptional. They were nobody's sometime ago. They started from scratch. So what's your excuse?

Fight to win. Maybe you are battling a life threatening disease or having problems in your home or at work. In your struggle, there may be victory. You have the all tools to win this battle. You are the right person.

Be bold. Are you afraid of failing in front of other people? If you are afraid doing what needs to be done, then you will never reach your dreams. To be successful, you have to look like a fool in the eyes of the world.

Ride your own ship.  It doesn't matter how messed your life is or how many times you have failed. Focus on your own life. Go at your pace. Take baby steps. If you give too much power to negative words people say,  you will be a slave to their negativity.

Try until you get it right. A lot of times we feel humiliated when we fail. You need to be prepared to cope with embarrassment when things go ugly. Brush off the humiliation, reflect on what went wrong, and start again, until you get it right.

Failure is not your worst enemy.  Many people have not realized their potential because they are afraid of failing. As a result, they don't try at all. Doing so, they fail. Failure may seem like an enemy, but if we respond to it with a restored determined to persevere, it can be beneficial.

Life is not a bed of rose.  Truth be told, life is not as sweet as Hollywood would like us to believe. There will be many failures as you try to find success. To be successful, you have to make decisions that won't always bring best results. But if the risks are not taken, then the potential for success won't be realized either.

Patience is a virtue. The number one rule of investing is being patient. Wealth is never built overnight. It time to accumulate wealth. Sometimes it takes years to reach your goals. The best part is that while you are waiting and working on your goals you are acquiring wisdom and getting more experienced with the years.

Remain positive. Are you a half empty person or half full person? It may happen that the setbacks are for your own good.  Being optimistic is the key to a happier, healthier and productive life. Forget about the problems pessimists create. Don't listen to cynics sneering at you. You have been told, ''you won't succeed.'' ''You blew it.'' Sometimes you will hear a voice saying, ''you are just kidding yourself, you will never make it.'' Learn to silence the noise around you to focus on your dreams.

Believe in yourself. Talent speaks of many gifts people possess. Intellectual, physical abilities etc. No one in this world is born without talent. You have to believe that you deserve to be successful.

Many people are always complaining about life being hard. Life is hard for everyone whether rich or poor. Life is imperfect and what it gives us is also imperfect.  Some moaning about their lack of skills, opportunities. You can't change the fact that you may not have the same abilities as others, but you can make the most with what you have. Discover your talents and develop them.  As long as you have examined your motives for becoming successful, you should already know within yourself that what you are doing is value to the whole world as the whole. Be COURAGEOUS!
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