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Enough is enough

By Sicebise Msengana

I watch the killing that is going on around the world and ask myself why?
If love is such a beautiful thing but why is there so much bigotry, hate in the world? How can someone be so confused that they're willing to kill an innocent unborn baby and feel absolutely nothing? How can someone be so indifferent that they can kill another person over their beliefs? How can we have people filled with so much hate in their hearts that they can't treat another human being with dignity and respect?

There are no definite answers to these questions and the horrors that we witness each day. But we are responsible for the chaos and the wrongdoing in the world. No one is truly a "saint.'' The world is full of people hell bent on doing what suits their selfish desires. The problem is, rejecting God and refusing to follow the RIGHT PATH  we have made a mess of things. We all acted like ''kings'' with little regard for the ''peasants'' with our crowns; the result is misery. The suffering, casual disregard of human life, injustices that we witness around the world is our fault. The world was created good, but due to our recklessness we have competed with each other and turned everything upside down.