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Human Worth

By Sicebise Msengana


I, often get saddened by the casual disregard of human life. In the world we living in is discriminatory, selfish and unkind to those who don't these attributes seen as worthy.
Maybe you've looked yourself in the mirror and wished you were someone else? A famous person? a rich person? The sad truth is the values in which human worth depends in the Western cultures that are based on the images of perfection and glamour as marketed by the entertainment industry and the materialistic culture in general. They set a ''pie in the sky'' standard of excellence for many individuals. What about those who don't measure up? If the most talented, handsome, and beautiful people in the world often feel inadequate and insecure, what the individual who only lacks a measure of physical beauty but also performs badly in school and faces other attacks of personal worth?

Where did it all started? Some are born with more money, have greater talents, built stronger, have more opportunities and even more smarter than others. Long before we had democratic governments, humans have surrendered their power to the monarchies (and nobles) in exchange for protection. As a result, we reserved extra ''star treatment'' for certain individuals. Recent developments in science, technology, and the changes in our societies has had a massive impact and made the world a ''global village.'' These developments really change our relations with our fellow human beings. In a world we're living in, the popular