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Love? What is love?

By Sicebise Msengana


There's a  lot of talk about love these days. We toss the word in different ways. But what is love. really? Many hearts have been set adrift on the river of love. Other people may love you because of what you do for them or because you're attractive to them. But what is love?

True love. If we want love in our hearts, we must be willing to give  of ourselves. Love is proven, not by the words we say, but also by our actions. Love is a solid friendship without unrealistic expectations. It is a commitment to sharing and forgiving. It is an way to mutual understanding. It's loyalty through thick and thin. It usually settles for less than perfection and makes a lot of allowances for human mistakes (weaknesses).

Actions do matter. If love is such a beautiful thing, why is there so little love and so much hate in the world? You can't keep hurting the people close to you or someone over and over again and expect them to love and respect you. Period.  Let your actions prove it day in and day out.

Fight for love. It can feel as if the whole world has an opinion about your relationship, so when storms come as expected, learn to quiet the noise around you and listen to your ''INNER'' voice.

Don't mess with people's feelings. It may feel ''good'' to be a ''player'' but think if it was you, how would you feel if someone  messed with your feelings and dumped you?

You never lose by loving. Some people say,'' love less, be hurt less. '' The risks of loving are great. Loving is isn't safe. But the risks of not loving are even more greater. A person who doesn't love can live a safe, secured life. But is it really life at all?

My bottom line is: Don't sit around crying. ''all the good girls are taken.'' This will prevent you from seeing people as who they really are.  Go out there, spread your love elsewhere. There are so much lives in the world, those lives need you and you will find them.

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