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How to remain humble despite your success

By SicebiseMsengana


Keep your ego in check. Although you may have experienced success, do all you can do to remain grounded. Surround yourself with people who force you to be humble, don't isolate yourself from people. Reflect on the achievements of others to remain yourself that they've achieved a far wide and further path than you.

Don't sweat small stuff. Tackle some big challenges and endure setbacks when they happen. Setbacks always remind one that things are not always easy and success isn't just around the corner. The more you "untrain" your mind to expect rewards for success, the more you can expect your mind to persist and endure, in the face of failure and challenge.

Be humble. Admit that you're the best at everything. No matter how talented you're there's almost somebody who can do something better than you. Look those who are better and consider the potential for improvement.

Pride? Our pride will come just before our fall. Our fall will be the effect of our  pride. Our pride will be the cause of our fall.

Forget the ego game. Don't let success go to your head. Be humble. Humility is a sure sign of greatness and strength, not weakness. Don't brag loudly about your achievements. If you that great, people will notice you and praise you for that.

Your thoughts on humility?
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